Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just over 4 weeks into construction

Ok so we've had a lot of work going on at our house and in our development over the last 3 weeks. It seems like they are starting 1 or 2 houses a week at this point. Starting to really feel like a development now when you drive through.

As far as our house it has been completely framed, Windows and doors installed, roofing installed and rough mechanical almost complete. The house is due to be wrapped and sided by the end of the week.

Here's a few better pictures of the concrete.

There was what looked like a cold joint on the rear side and back of the basement walls. It basically looks like a crack but it's not. There was also 2 foam boards that were on the outside of the garage in the concrete and they where supposed to be on the inside. These are grade beams and are there for support and to keep your garage floor concrete from cracking. After talking to our PM Bill we figured it had something to do with the time between concrete trucks. It basically happens when the first truck starts to harden when the second truck is being poured. The good news is this doesn't hurt the integrity of the concrete it just looks bad. Our PM actually informed us that they are going to have the concrete company parge the left side and rear outside foundation walls to cover this.

Here's a few pictures that I have. This is the first house my wife and I are having built and I find myself there daily taking pictures. Is there anyone else who goes that often or will go that often once they start building your house?

Looking from family room into kitchen and morning room

2 zone hvac. I didn't know that was coming. Nice surprise. It will only use one unit for each but still better than nothing. 

New loft location.

Grey pipe is the conduit pipe I had installed. It goes straight from attic to basement. I'm going to have them add 2 2x4 to make It straighter here though.


  1. Looks great Frank. It's amazing how much gets done in such a short amount of time. You already know this, but my wife and I are there everyday, even before they started on our house.

  2. I KNOW one of us will be there daily. Not only to check the progress, but I also feel if our presence is known it will make the PM and contractors work that much harder.

    This is the second home we have owned, but the first we will be building. I. Can. Not. Wait! Yours is coming along great!