Saturday, August 30, 2014

Less than 1 month from closing!!

So a lot had happened since my last post on here. We are less than a month away from closing and can't believe it. We were able to walk the house last week and wow what a difference. It's so nice to finally walk the house painted and really see the layout. Our PM had the trades back in going over his final punch list. The house was painted but only sprayed so far and they still have to roll it. The flooring has been installed and looks better than we thought it would. Still needs to be upgraded but can wait a year or 2 hopefully. We upgraded to bronze lighting, cabinet hardware, and door hardware and it looks really nice. They graded the yard finally and wow what a difference. Our 2 year old kept saying "wow yard is so big" as he was running around.
We also purchased our appliances and can't wait to switch them out. We stuck with the standard black knowing we would change them out right away.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pre drywall meeting completed!

So we had our pre drywall meeting on 7/29 and they started sheetrock on 7/30. Sheetrock was finished on 8/7. It's crazy how much they do so fast. Since they've painted, trimmed, installed the kitchen, installed bath vanities, and tiled both bathroom showers. They also have had the utilities ran to the house but I'm not sure if it's connected inside yet. We are going tomorrow to see the progress and take some new pictures. We were also told that rough grading should be completed this week or early next week. We can't wait for that because they will finally get rid of the huge pile of dirt in the backyard so we can actually see our backyard.

We also had the chance to walk the house prior to the insulation and any gaps that were visible have all been taken care of. They use foam everywhere to really seal what needs to be sealed. I made sure to point out every spot were we saw light from the outside so we should never have issues with any bugs!

During our last walk with our PM Bill we were also told that the hvac system had less than 4% loss. We were also told that they will complete another test closer to settlement.  I asked if I will see a copy of these reports and I was told I can. With a loss of less than 4% I really can start to see how much more energy efficient this houses will be. We also received a letter from Ryan Homes letting us know Sept 22nd is our closing date! Exciting less than 6 weeks away. Here's a few pics prior to sheetrock.