Saturday, October 18, 2014

Only 2 more days!!!!!!!!!

So we can't believe it's finally here! All of this time and now only 2 more nights until we have keys to our new house! We close on Monday at 2pm. So exiting!!

Now to figure out which projects to start on first. There's a few small projects to do right away but the major ones will most likely happen after winter depending on weather. First will be building bedroom 4 wall, updating bathroom vanities, installing ceiling fans, pendant lights, kitchen back splash, and painting. Outside I'm going to try and get my shed built before the first snowfall but not sure if I'll have the time. Haven't really decided on placement yet either. Fence is also on the list before spring but I need more info from the township about height. When I spoke to the last week they said since we have a corner lot the side yard is considered a front yard and can only be a 4 ft. fence on that side. We wanted to install a 6 ft. fence. It can be changed we will just have to go through the process first.

We've been out furniture shopping lately and finally ordered a new sectional for the family room. We looked at so many table sets and finally decided on one with a matching server. We Also ordered 2 bar height chairs for the kitchen island to match.

 I'll post some updates pics once we get in the house.